Manually Provisioning Cisco Phones

Last modified: October 13, 2020
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Cisco Manual Provisioning

Cisco devices do not support Zero Touch hence require some initial manual configuration.

  1. When the phone has booted, press the Menu key (picture of a page)
  2. Gather the IP address
    1. Colour screen devices – Menu – Status – Network Status – IP Address
    2. B&W screen devices – Menu – Network – Current IP
  3. Within your web browser go to the IP address found in step 2
  4. Click Admin Login on the top right, type in username and password
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  5. Click Advanced on the top right
  6. Click on the Provisioning tab
  7. Enter the following Profile Rule:$PN_$MA.bin

  8. Click Submit All Changes
  9. The phone will look as if it has reloaded and return to the menu.  At this stage you must power cycle the phone – ie unplug the power/network and reconnect

Disabling SPCP Mode Cisco Desk-phones

If you have obtained Cisco SPA phones which are trying to download SEPDefault or similar, the phones are in SPCP mode.  You can adjust the call control mode by running through the following.

  1. Press the Menu key (picture of a page)
  2. Select 3 – Settings
  3. Select 11 – Call Control Settings
  4. Dial * * #   (you will see the little lock icon unlock)
  5. Press Edit on  Signalling Protocol
  6. Press Option which will adjust the protocol fromSPCP to SIP
  7. Press OK
  8. Select 2 – SPCP Auto Detect
  9. Press Edit
  10. Press Y/N to select N
  11. Press OK
  12. The phone will then reboot
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