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Last modified: February 29, 2024
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Normally, Cloud PBX extensions/phones have a fixed Caller ID number which can be configured / managed using our MyCloudVoIP portal. This feature-code allows you to adjust the Caller ID from your phone / extension.  It’s intended to be used for semi-permanent Caller ID changes.

The feature-code changes your Caller ID presentation for all subsequent calls made on your phone / extension, and can be dialled manually or added as a speed-dial.

*31 {DID}

For example: * 31 61894883344

  1. Caller ID presentation before: 61894883300
  2. Dial *31 61894883344
  3. Caller ID presentation now: 61894883344
  4. All outbound calls now display 61894883344

Note: The system will only allow you to configure and present numbers which already exist on your account.

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