1. Tap Settings then select Accounts

2. Tap the plus sign to add a new account

else select VoIP (SIP) – Calling

3. Enter the following details:

  • Account Name: Simtex
  • Display as: your full name
  • Username: your Simtex account number
  • Password: your Simtex password or PIN
  • Domain: sip.simtex.com.au
  • VM Number: 555

4. Switch on Enabled

5. Tap Save

6. You will see Simtex listed with a green icon under Enabled

7. Go back to the main settings screen, and select Advanced Settings

8. Select Mobile Audio Codecs and adjust as per below

Note!  You will need to drag codecs into the right order by holding down on the three grey bars

Go back to Advanced

9. Select Wi-Fi Audio Codecs and adjust as per below.

10. Press Phone – your phone will ask if you want to apply changes, tap Yes

11. Your SIP client is now ready to use!  Please be aware, this app may drain your battery so keep an eye on it.