Phone Keys / Button Layout

SPA525G2 Phone Layout

# Feature or Key Description
1 Handset Pick up to answer or place calls.
2 Speaker Speaker for phone.
3 Message Waiting Indicator When lit:
Red—You have a new voice mail message.
Flashing Red—You have an incoming call.
4 LCD screen Your phone may vary, but typically displays:
• Date and time
• Phone station name
• Line extensions
• Softkey options
• Startup logo, screen saver, background photo, and photo album
5 Line keys Indicates phone line status:
Green: Line is idle.
Red (steady): Line is active or in use.
Red (blinking): Line is on hold.
Orange: Line is unregistered (cannot be used).
Flashing Orange: The phone is not connected to the network.
These keys can also be programmed by your system administrator to perform differently than described here or to add functions such as speed dial, call pickup, or monitor an extension.
6 Softkey buttons Press a softkey button to perform the action on the label on the LCD screen above.
7 Navigation button Press in each direction to scroll through items on the LCD screen.
8 Centre Select button Press this button to select the option or menu that is highlighted on the LCD screen.
9 Messages button Press to access voice mail.
10 Hold button Press to place a call either on hold or to resume.
11 Setup button Press to access a menu to configure features and preferences (such as your directory, status, and speed dials), access your call history, set up functions (such as call forwarding), and provide phone status information.
12 Mute button Press to mute or unmute the phone. When the phone is muted, the button glows red. A flashing red mute button indicates that the phone has no network connectivity.
13 Volume button Press + to increase the volume and press – to lower the volume of the handset, headset, speaker (when the handset is off hook), or ringer (when the handset is on hook).
14 Headset button Press to turn the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button glows green.
15 Speaker button Press to turn the speaker on or off. When the speaker is on, the button glows green.
16 Keypad Press keys to dial phone numbers, enter letters, and choose menu items.

Basic Phone Functions

Placing or Answering a Call

To place or answer a call you can either:
• Pick up the handset.
• Press the Speaker button.
• Press the Headset button.
• Press a green line button (to place a call) or a red flashing line button or the Answer softkey (to answer a call).

If you are on a call and another call comes in, choose one of the following options:
• Press the Answer softkey. (Press the Ignore softkey to ignore the incoming call.)
• Press the flashing red line button.

The call in progress is put on hold and the incoming call is answered.
To return to the first call, press the flashing red line button, or select the call on the screen using the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key and press the Resume softkey.

Adjusting Call Volume and Muting

To adjust the volume while you are on a call, press + on the Volume button to increase the volume, or press to decrease the volume. Press Set.
Pressing the Volume button while not on a call adjusts the volume of the phone ringer.

To mute the phone microphone, speaker, or headset microphone, press Mute. The button lights red. Press Mute again to unmute.

Putting a Call on Hold

To put a call on hold, press the Hold button/Hold softkey. A series of beeps indicates the call is on hold.

Resuming a Call

To resume a call, press the Resume softkey or the flashing red line button for the call or the Hold hardkey.
If you have multiple calls, all calls are put on hold except the active call.

Ending a Call

To end a call you can do one of the following:
• If you are using the handset, hang up or press the EndCall softkey.
• If you are using the speakerphone, press Speaker.
• If you are using the headset, either press the Headset button (wired) or replace the receiver (wireless).


To redial a number, do one of the following:
• Press Redial and select the desired number.
• Press EditDial to select a number and modify it (for example, to add an area code).
• Lift the handset or press Dial to select a number. The number is automatically dialed.

Transferring Calls

You can perform types of transfers:
• Attended—Call the person to whom you are transferring the call and speak to them before transferring the call.
• Blind—Transfer the call without speaking to the other party to whom you are transferring the call.

Attended Transfer

1. During an active call or with a call on hold, press xfer.
2. Do one of the following:
• Enter the number to where you want to transfer the call; or
• Press Directory and choose a number from the personal directory.
• Press the desired speed-dial key.
3. Press Dial or wait a few seconds. The call is placed on hold and a new line is opened to dial the number.
4. Do one of the following:
• To transfer the call without waiting for the other person to answer, press xfer after the call begins to ring and hang up. If you hang up before the
second call rings, the transfer fails and the first call is disconnected. If you misdial, press the second line button again to receive a dial tone.
• To transfer after speaking privately to the other person, press xfer at any time during the conversation.
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Blind Transfer

1. During an active call press bXfer.
2. Enter the number to where you want to transfer the call and press Dial. The call is transferred with no further action required