You can initiate a conference call with two other people, making a 3-way call. Conference calls can be placed on hold, plus you have the option to split a conference call—end the conference and place the people you were talking with on hold. Calls to external or internal parties can be part of a conference call.

Initiating Conference Calls

You can initiate a conference by calling two people and using the Conf soft key or by joining two existing calls using the Join soft key. To initiate a conference call:

1. Call the first person.

2. Press conf. The active call is held.

3. Call the second person.

4. When the second person answers, press conf to add everyone in a conference.

Ending Conference Calls

To end a conference, simply hang up.  All parties will be disconnected.

If you would like to leave the conference, but keep the remote parties connected, press the join key.

Joining two separate calls

If you have two concurrent calls in place, you may join them in to a conference.

1. Ensure one call is on hold, and another is currently active

2. Press confLx