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Last modified: June 8, 2020
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Call forwarding can be adjusted for Primary Inbound accounts, individual extensions or accounts

Call Forward Types

Call Forward Immediate

Will forward all inbound calls to the requested number, with no exceptions.

Call Forward No Answer

Will forward calls to the requested number if the ring / delay time has expired.

Call Forward Busy

Forwards calls to the requested number if the device is busy, or offline (unregistered)


Adjusting Call Forwarding Rules

  1. If a Super User, select the appropriate subscription you would like to adjust
  2. Click Call Forwarding / Voicemail
  3. Click Add Call Forward and select the appropriate Forward Type
  4. Enter the Number, click Finish
  5. You may adjust the Ring / Delay time for Call Forward No Answer
Multiple Call Forward rules can exist – note Call Forward Immediate overrides all other forwarding types


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