SIP Trunks

A Simtex SIP trunk is the perfect fit for a business needing to make the most of their existing IP or hybrid PBX. Our SIP trunks offer ISDN equivalent functionality and reliability at affordable prices. Should you need additional capacity we can deliver additional lines with a same day turnaround.

Uptime is our business.

Simtex is build upon equipment located in secure, monitored data centres you can be assured of ultimate reliability and service levels.
You can rely on us to provide rock solid service, enabling you to focus on running your business.

No lock-in contracts.

We stand by our performance to deliver great VoIP quality. We offer a rock solid enterprise grade SIP trunk service. We back this up by not locking you into a contract.
Try Simtex, we guarantee you’ll love it, you can cancel any time.

Port and expand.

Need more lines? No worries. Gone are the lengthy delays waiting for new lines to be installed or expensive PABX cards to be installed. Adding additional capacity to an existing setup is easy without the need to interrupt the existing system and can be achieved in a matter of minutes.
Port your existing numbers to Simtex for even more cost savings. An average line costs $35+ per month versus $5 with Simtex!

It Just Works.

Don’t waste time trying trying to resolve inter-operable issues.
A Simtex SIP Trunk will work with many platforms, including Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, 3CX, Freeswitch, Cisco Call Manager, MyPBX, Zultus, IPECS, NEC and more!

Awesome rates

Destination Rate
Australian Landline (local / national) $0.093 per call
Australian Mobile $0.146 per minute
13/1300 $0.241 per call
International Rates View here…
SMS Message $0.11 per message
Monthly Access Fee $0.00

per minute rates are charged in 1 second increments

Critical Information Summary

Great value add-ons

Inbound channels – $5.00

Inbound channels can be likened to phone lines. Each simultaneous call passed to your system will require an inbound channel.

You can have multiple channels linked to one DID, or multiple DIDs linked to one or more channels.

Note: Outgoing calls do not count towards inbound channels.

Single DID – $1.95

We can provide single numbers for locations throughout Australia.
Simtex keeps a stock of numbers in most capital cities, regional numbers normally take 2-3 business days to order.

If required, we can provision numbers which can be easily ported away.

100 Number block – $35.00

Need lots of individual numbers, or require each of your staff to have their own personal DID?
A block of 100 numbers is a cost-effective way to obtain multiple numbers which can be used as you wish.

Numbers can be assigned to multiple companies (if your system is multi-tenanted) or distributed amongst staff.

Blocks of 100 numbers are ordered as required and take approximately 2 business days.

Fax to e-mail $9.95

Simtex’s Fax to E-Mail service delivers faxes via e-mail with your own dedicated fax number. Faxes are delivered as a PDF attachment.

You have the option of porting an existing number across to our network, or have a new number allocated in the Australian location of your choice.

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Number porting

Simtex can port your telephone numbers from your existing carrier, allowing you to migrate to VoIP and keep your existing phone numbers.
Number porting can take a few weeks, Simtex will guide you through the process ensuring no downtime.

We can port single analogue-line numbers, ISDN single numbers or blocks of 100.

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1300 / 1800 inbound

1300 or 1800 numbers are easy for your clients to remember, look professional, and cost the same to call from anywhere in the country (mobiles excluded).
If you have an existing 1300 or 1800 number, we can port the number across to our network – take advantage of our competitive plans:

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