This is a step-by-step procedure to setup a Simtex SIP trunk or Cloud PBX extension with Bria – a supported softphone from Counterpath.
Our guide assumes you have already installed the software, and is ready to enter account and configuration details!

You will require:

  • Simtex Account Number
  • Simtex PIN / Password

 Account Preferences

1. Within Bria, click the Softphone Menu and select Account Settings

2. Enter the following details:
Account Name: Simtex
UserIDyour Simtex account number
Password: your Simtex password or PIN
Display Name: your full name
Dial plan: make this empty!

3. Click Voicemail across the top

Number to dial for checking voicemail: 555

4. Click OK.  If you see Available, your softphone is online!

Program Preferences

1. Click Softphone menu, and select Preferences

Here you can adjust the available audio codecs.  By default, you should select g.722 which is wideband / HD Voice.

Most calls will use g.711 aLaw or g.711 uLaw so make sure these are enabled.  If you are sitting on a low-bandwidth link, or having audio quality issues, select g.729 and leave the rest disabled.