Logging In

To access My Account, please visit: https://myaccount.simtex.com.au

Each Cloud PBX handset has an individual account number and PIN.  This account number is an 8-digit code beginning with 7.



Block Caller ID / Silent Number

Simtex allows you to block your Caller ID number.  Outbound calls will then appear as anonymous or blocked.

To block for all calls:

1. Click on Account details on the left hand menu

2. Scroll down to Other Settings

3. Tick Silent Number

4. Click Update Account


Block on a call-by-call basis

Simply dial 1831 before the number you wish to call.  For example, 1831 9488 3344

Call History

The Call History page allows you to see calls made from your account in real time.  If you would like to view call history for a different time period, select the desired month / year then click Display Statement.


CSV files can also be downloaded for a particular month

Call-Forward and Divert

Simtex allows you to make diversion changes to your service live from My Account.
By default, your phone will ring for 30 seconds and then divert to voicemail.


Call-Forward Immediate

Incoming calls will be forwarded directly to the number entered.  If the destination is busy, calls will be sent to voicemail (if active).

Call-Forward When Busy

Incoming calls will be forwarded to the number entered if your handset is engaged or offline/unreachable.  If call waiting is active, calls will not divert.
Calls will divert to voicemail (if active) if no number entered.

Call-Forward When No Answer

Incoming calls will be forwarded to the number entered if not answered within the specified delay time.
Calls will diver tot voicemail (if active) if no number entered.

Delay Time

Calls will ring for the designated time in seconds, before diverting to voicemail or Call-Forward No Answer number (if active)

Night Mode

If your company has a custom IVR or automated attendant with night mode you can manually enable/disable this within My Account.
Changes take place immediately.


Voicemail Configuration

This page handles voicemail for your handset.  By default, calls will divert to voicemail if not answered or if your phone is offline.


Listen to Voicemail messages via your phone

If active, messages will be kept on the server allowing you to listen to voicemail by dialing 555 from your phone.  Your handset message waiting indicator will also light up red.

Send Voicemail messages via E-Mail

Simtex will send voicemail messages to the designated e-mail address as a .wav file attachment.  To ensure voicemail messages do not fill up on the server, please turn off ‘listen to voicemail messages via your phone’.

SMS Messages

You can send single or bulk SMS messages from My Account.  Simtex also allows you to add your own mobile number to our system – ensuring messages you send from Simtex will appear to come from your mobile.

Adding your own mobile number / return mobile number

To have messages send “from” your mobile number, we need to verify you are the owner or have physical access to your mobile.
You can add multiple numbers if required.

  1. Click Send a SMS from the main menu

2. Click add own number


3. Click Add Number

4. Enter your own mobile number then click Add


5.You will then receive a special SMS containing an 8 character password

6. Click activate


7. Enter the password which was sent to your mobile phone, and click activate


8. If successful, you will see the following activation message

9. You can now send messages which will appear to come from your mobile phone

Single SMS

To send a message to a single recipient,

1. Click Send a SMS from the main menu

2. Enter your message

3. Type in the desired destination number in the Send to field

4. Press Send Message

Bulk SMS

In order to send messages to a list of numbers, you must first add entries to Your address book.  Numbers can be added in multiple groups as required.

1. Click Your address book on the main menu

2. Click Add Contact

3. Enter name / mobile phone etc

4. Select existing group or enter a New Group name


5. Click Send a SMS on the main menu

6. Enter your message, and pull down Send to (group) to select the desired group

7. Click Send Message