From the factory, Cisco SPA handsets are shipped in SIP mode – allowing them to work with Simtex. If you have obtained Cisco SPA phones which are trying to download SEPDefault or similar, the phones are in SPCP mode.  You can adjust the call control mode by running through the following set of instructions.

How to Fix it!

1 Press the Menu key (picture of a page)

2. Select 3 – Settings


3. Select 11 – Call Control Settings


4. Dial * * #   (you will see the little lock icon unlock)

5. Press Edit on  Signalling Protocol


6. Press Option which will adjust the protocol from SPCP to SIP


7. Press OK

8. Select 2 – SPCP Auto Detect


9. Press Edit

10. Press Y/N to select N


11. Press OK

12. The phone will then reboot – from here, please follow through our Handset Provisioning Instructions