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Last modified: June 18, 2020
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How handset configuration transitions to our new platform

All devices have been connected to our new SIP platform, even if they still point to our old provisioning server.

We decided it best to only change phone provisioning (configuration) when a change is made, to alleviate any possible issues from manual / custom configurations which had been setup for some of our users.

As soon as a change is made in our new portal, our old provisioning system updates the configuration file which in turn points your phone to our new provisioning system when it does its next check.

Handsets on our system check for new configuration every 120 minutes.  You can manually reboot the phone or use the ‘Update Configuration’ item in your phone menu to speed things up.

Our new provisioning platform creates and encrypts config files on the fly whenever your phone makes a request – it will always have the absolute latest and most up to date configuration.

Flow Chart

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