Can not use the domain as it was not configured for this tenant

Last modified: November 5, 2021
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This error occurs if you try to add a PSTN gateway and your domains have not been added correctly.

Possible issues:

    • Typo, go to Microsoft 365 Admin and check spelling of the 2 x domains
    • You have not added a temporary user using the domain(s) as their default domain or default e-mail address
    • Microsoft is still processing (we have seen it take 1-2 hours)
    • We’ve sometimes needed to remove the temporary user and re-add again, make sure you add the temporary user with the domain as its initial realm, not after the fact
    • As a last resort, we have sometimes needed to add the temporary users with full licenses such as E1,E2,E3 or Business Basic, Business Premium

How can I check? Using PowerShell

Get-CsTenant | fl Tenantid,Domain*

Double check that you see the two domains listed under DomainUrlMap

TenantId : 04ff7c70-c62a-4299-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Domains : {,,,} 
DomainUrlMap : {,,,}


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