About Simtex

Simtex is a division of ZettaNet. We specialise in providing flexible and reliable VoIP solutions for business. We started in 1994 as a dialup internet provider and now span the country with business-grade SIP Trunking products and virtual PBX platforms hosted in our own data centres in most major capital cities.

Simtex has direct ISDN voice termination to multiple tier 1 carriers in Australia – we never send calls overseas unless of course you are calling overseas!  Many low-end VoIP providers in Australia take advantage of cheap Australian calls originating from overseas networks.  This means calls are sent overseas then back in to Australia (low prices with awful voice quality and a severe lack of reliability).

Business Grade


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Our core VoIP infrastructure is powered by Cisco with complete failover redundancy. We also own and operate our own Cisco and Juniper driven fully-meshed MPLS core allowing us to provide dedicated, reliable and secure inter-office networks across the nation. Seventeen years of growth and development combined with our highly experienced network engineering team has produced a robust and stable national IP network offering:

  • Network performance of 99.99% network uptime
  • Comprehensive service level agreements
  • High capacity network and internet backbone
  • Full redundancy in equipment and connections
  • 24×7 network monitoring from our Network Operations team
  • Quality of Service (QoS) enabled on the network to give high priority to latency sensitive traffic such as VoIP
  • Reliable technology leveraged from world leading vendors
  • Redundant and robust multi-homed national network using a combination of top tier suppliers and intelligent peering
  • State-of-the-art data centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane offering the highest levels of security and resiliency
Unlike some ISPs, we don’t overload the network. As a result, you won’t have to contend with others for bandwidth, you’ll enjoy better response and genuinely fast internet speeds. Our network and internet transit providers include Telstra Wholesale, Optus Wholesale, Vocus and Superloop.


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